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These articles are on the timeless wisdom expressed through the writings of the Ancient Greek philosophers, which when understood and applied, has the power to create miracles in your life. From Pythagoras to Heraclitus and from Homer to Plato, the Greeks have left us a legacy of untold wealth. The two key Delphic maxims alone—"Know Thyself" and "Nothing in Excess"—are two of the most powerful instructions any human being can follow. No knowledge is complete without that which the fathers of philosophy gave us!

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The Golden Verses of Pythagoras: NEW ARTICLE Pythagoras' Golden Verses are his maxims or instructions for a virtuous life, written in the form of 71 lines of verse. They provide the principle rules of conduct and a virtuous foundation for every human being seeking to live a more rewarding life, worthy of being called Human first, and then Divine.

What Others Have Said About Greek Philosophy
"I have never come across someone who could inspire more respect than the Greek Philosophers."—Friedrich Nietzsche
"What the mind and the heart is for a human being, Greece is for humanity."—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
"I have always been far more interested in them [the Greeks] than in science."—Albert Einstein