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Reality is Yours for the Making

Picking up where the Adventure of I leaves off, join me, Tania Kotsos, for a life-changing one-day online seminar during which we will explore the dream nature of reality and how to shift timelines.

Ask yourself, am I dreaming? What if this physical reality is really all a dream? Try as hard as you can to tell the difference between your experience in this physical world, and your experience in your dream world from the point of view of the you in the dream, and you will realise that really, there is no difference. And if there is no difference, other than your conditioned way of thinking, then how do you know that you are not dreaming when you are awake, as much as you are dreaming when you are asleep? The answer is you don’t. You can only ever put it to the test, which is what the upcoming online Dreamality Seminar is all about.


  • The truth about the dream nature of reality
  • Who are you and who is the dream protagonist?
  • The timelessness of the Universe and You
  • Metaphors for understanding your reality
  • Remembering the future, shifting the past
  • The most powerful ways to use your imagination
  • Immersing yourself in the state of your new reality
  • See with the eyes and hear with the ears of your mind
  • Shifting from the possible to the probable
  • The optimal state of mind for timeline shifting
  • Practical methods for consciously shifting timelines
  • Live guided meditations... and much more!


  • Delivered live by Tania Kotsos
  • The seminar lasts from 6 to 8 hours
  • Includes Q&A sessions and regular breaks
  • Includes live guided meditations
  • The seminar platform is free via Cisco Webex
  • All you need is internet, a mic and speakers or headphones
  • Upon booking you'll be directed to a confirmation page
  • Access details will be sent nearer the start date
  • You will receive full instructions for joining
  • The seminar and meditations are recorded for you
  • Your starting time will be confimred for your timezone
  • Seats are limited to 20 participants

Your life will change in ways you cannot possibly begin to imagine right now!