Mind Your Reality



By Tania Kotsos


Ask yourself, who am I? The answer is not your name, not your personality, not your physical body, not even your physical experience or your thoughts, emotions or desires. The answer to the question 'Who am I?' is only ever I AM! The mighty I within that is your Higher Self, is the Real You. The mighty I within is the highest degree of consciousness of a human being—your God Self.

The 12 Names of the One You

Your Higher Self goes by many names, all of which are used interchangeably while each defines an attribute of your Higher Self. Other names are the Real You, the Ego, the I, I AM, the Observer, the Higher Mind, Superconsciousness, Spirit, the Dreamer, Divine Spark and your God Self. While there are more names, I have chosen to focus on these twelve as they best describe the nature of your Higher Self in a literal sense. We will now take a look at each name in turn to gain a better understanding of who You really are. But no matter the name or the limitations of finite words to express the infinite, remember there is only one You!

1. Higher Self

The name Higher Self is self-explanatory in that it is the highest expression of yourself in degree of consciousness, above the physical you with your perceived personality, which itself is nothing more than the mask you wear in your 3D experience. The Higher Self is higher in every sense.

2. Real You

Real here is meant in the literal sense of the word meaning that your Higher Self is the You that actually exists and is eternally changeless and hence real. In comparison, your physical reality and everything and everyone in your 3D world experience, including the physical you, are projections of consciousness even if they appear real to the physical you. The Real You or Real Self are also known as your True Self for the same reason, being something that is true not illusory.

3. Ego

The word Ego is meant in the original sense of the Greek word «ΕΓΩ» meaning I. This is distinct from the counterfeit or false ego of the personal self, which is that ego (with a small e) wrapped up in your 3D experience. You may have been told to relinquish your ego but this advice can only apply to the counterfeit ego. You can never be rid of your Ego (with a capital E) that is the I because it again is the You that is real and not illusory. This is why I often to refer to the Ego as the Real Ego to make the distinction clear. William Walker Atkinson referred to the Ego of Self as Egohood.

4. The I Within

'I' is the direct English translation of the Greek word «ΕΓΩ» or Ego. The letter I, which comes from the Greek letter iota, is represented by two horizontal lines above and below with a central vertical line joining the two. This represents the joining of heaven and earth as one with the central vertical line showing the way upwards to the Spiritual Plane from the lower Physical Plane. The personality operates at the level of ‘me and outside people and things’ while the I operates as the Individual, which comes from the Latin word individuus meaning indivisible. So unlike today's use that implies separateness, in its original sense the word Individual as the I is indivisibly One with All.

5. I AM

I AM asserts the state of being the I. The I does not say ‘I am this’ or ‘I am that’. When you take away every last word that you use to describe yourself, or who you think you are, what you are left with is the I AM! All power resides in I AM with no constraints or qualification. And since the I is the You that thinks independently of your personality that is coloured by your beliefs, perceptions, prejudices and so on, the I within says 'I think therefore I AM' in full authority.

Taking this further, since your will belongs to the I, 'I think therefore I AM' becomes 'I think therefore I am therefore I Will'. Your will is not to be confused with what is often perceived as being a wilful force of personal self-control. True will is the greatest power of the Universe as it requires no force. Your True Will declares a thing already done in the sense of 'They Will be Done' and belongs to the I.

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6. The Observer

As the Observer you are undisturbed by outside events because you are not defined by anything in the Physical or Mental Planes, including your physical experiences and mental contents of emotions, thoughts, desires, fears and so on. You are the Observer and everything and everyone else, including the physical you, is what is being observed. Observation is different to perception. The Observer is unaffected by what is observed, whereas the perceiver is directly affected by what is perceived, in accordance with his/her perception of it. In the words of St. Francis of Assisi, "The One you are looking for is the One who is looking". The One you are looking for is the Observer—your Higher Self.

7. Higher Mind

This name is in reference to the first of the Universal Laws, the Law of Mentalism, that All is Mind. Mind is the underlying substance of the Universe and specifically Universal Mind. Higher Mind is an expression of the highest degree of consciousness of Universal Mind, which being Mind of the Absolute is Omnipotent (All-Powerful), Omniscient (All-Knowing) and Omnipresent (All-Present).

Since there is only One Mind, present everywhere and at every single point in Its entirety, this means that your mind is Universal Mind in its entirety. The Higher Mind knows and identifies fully with the Mind of the Absolute, and hence is above and superior to the conscious mind of the personality and the subconscious mind. And since All is Mind, this means you do not have a mind, you are Mind.

8. Superconsciousness

Superconsciousness or Higher Consciousness is the highest degree of self-awareness, which is to be aware of oneself as the I. The preposition ‘super’ is from the Latin adverb super meaning ‘above’ and is also the root of ‘superior’ meaning ‘higher, upper or situated above’. One can say, therefore, that superconsciousness is above and superior to the consciousness of the Physical and Mental Planes in which the physical you are having an experience with the mental contents of your personality.

The Mind that is the underlying substance of the Universe is alive with consciousness so 'mind' and 'consciousness' are used interchangeably. All degrees of consciousness from the unconscious to the superconscious make up the One Universal Mind, the difference being the degree of recognition thereof. At the degree of Superconsciousness you fully identify as being one in the same with Universal Mind, rather than thinking that one part of Universal Mind is in you and another part is in someone else and so on. Full identification is Absolute whereas no or part identification is relative and belongs to the plane of duality that the Higher Self is above and superior to.

9. The Dreamer

This refers to the dream nature of reality. When you dream, your dream-world is a projection taking place within your consciousness even though you experience them as being both real and separate to the projection of the You that is in the dream. However, to the You who is the dreamer having the dream, it is all just a projection of your consciousness. No matter what happens to the version of you in your dream, the dreamer remains unchanged. ‘Waking up’ to the level of self-awareness of the I can be likened to waking up in physical reality from your dream-world and realising it was a dream.

Moreover, to be your Higher Self while having physical world experience is akin to realising that what you are 'seeing' is a dream while you are dreaming. This can be compared to lucid dreaming, which is when the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming while he is dreaming and so exerts varying degrees of control over his participation in the dream-world. This is perhaps one of the reasons why identifying with your Higher Self is also called a spiritual awakening.

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10. Spirit

The name Spirit tells us the domain of your Higher Self is wholly the Spiritual Plane that is above the Mental and Physical Planes in degree of consciousness and hence has directive power over both of them. The word 'spirit' comes from the Latin from spirare meaning 'to breathe' so your Spirit is that which breathes life into you, that animates your existence. Spirit is distinct from the soul in that the soul is animate life itself—the seat of your senses, desires, appetites and all things relative. Spirit, in contrast, never departs the Spiritual Plane and remains above duality being one with the Absolute.

11. Divine Spark

In Ancient texts the Spiritual Plane is associated with the element of fire. Since human beings are created in the image of The Absolute or God, the term a Divine Spark has been attributed to the Higher Self with 'Divine' denoting the divinity of the Absolute and 'Spark' being associated with fire. And as a Divine Spark of The Absolute you are the same in kind, only different in degree. Just as the Sun reflects itself in countless raindrops that appear to divide the Sun, but the Sun remains as one, so it is that your Spirit is a Divine Spark of the Absolute while the Absolute always remains as One.

12. God Self

Your God Self is in reference to your identification with The Absolute, which itself goes by many names, amongst which are The Source, The All, The One and God. Being Absolute, there is nothing outside of It and being infinite means that It is beyond space and time, that it always existed and will always exist. The nature of the Absolute is All Good and Absolute Love, both of which have no opposite. Your first experience of your Higher Self is one of being at the very centre of your experience. Thereafter, by expanding your consciousness outwards from being the central point of reference of your experience to being all there is infinitely and beyond space and time, you merge as one with The Absolute, which is to discover your True Home. And while it may seem like you have returned home, you realise that you had never left.

Know Thyself

The greatest instruction passed down to us by the Ancient Greek philosophers is the Delphic Maxim «ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΑΥΤΟΝ» (GNOTHI SAFTON) that means 'Know Thyself' inscribed on the Temple of Apollo—the God of Light—in Delphi, Greece. 'Thyself' in this instruction refers to your Higher Self, and when you "know Thyself thou shall know all the secrets of the Gods and of the Universe".


In a nutshell, your Higher Self is the Real You, the I within in the true original sense of the word Ego. As the I you say 'I AM' with full authority and know that your Higher Mind is one in the same with Universal Mind in Its entirety, which is the degree of consciousness that is known as Superconsciousness. Your true domain as pure Spirit is the Spiritual Plane and knowing that you are a Divine Spark of The Absolute, which is the All or God, you let go and allow your consciousness to merge with It as One in the knowledge that your true nature is All Good and Absolute Love.
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