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This article is in part an excerpt from: THE ADVENTURE OF I

By Tania Kotsos


Understanding the mind-body connection, and more specifically the directive power of mind-over-body, is the first step to learning how to heal yourself and others. Your body is subject to the objective instructions of your mind. Your body hears every word you think and believes whatever you imagine. And being subconscious in nature your body takes you at your word. While medical research tends to focus on the psychosomatic effects of wrong thinking, the healing effects of right thinking have been overlooked. Put simply, if wrong thinking can harm your body (as it does), then right thinking can surely heal it.

The Mind-Body Connection

The mind-body connection is indisputably proven. Perhaps the most widely recognised connection between the two is the placebo effect, an example of which is when a sugar pill is given to a person who has a headache but is told it is a specific drug for headaches and so believes it will help treat their headache, and it does. It is also well documented that stress has a negative effect on your body whereas enough sleep, a generally positive disposition and laughter have an opposite, positive effect.

The Basic Premise of Healing

The basic premise of healing is that All is Mind, which is the first of the Universal Laws—the Law of Mentalism. This means that every cell in your body has a mind of its own and is alive with consciousness. To distinguish this from what you are accustomed to calling your thinking mind, for the purpose of healing I refer to your thinking mind as your central mind and the mind of your body as your cellular mind. The difference is that your cellular mind works along unconscious or subconscious lines, whereas your central mind has the capacity to work along conscious lines by way of independent and concentrated thought. Herein lies the secret to healing. Your thoughts can and do have the ability to either harm or heal your body, in accordance with their nature.

Your Body is Subjective in Nature

Being subconscious means that your body's cellular mind is below self-aware consciousness and hence subjective in nature. This in turn means that your body is subject to objective direction, as is your overall sub-conscious mind. The higher your self-awareness, the greater is your directive power of your conscious mind over your subconscious mind and hence the greater your ability to create the changes you desire in your body in the way of healing. The highest degree of consciousness is your True Self but you can use your wonderful imagination to heal yourself and others even if you do not yet identify with the mighty I AM. By understanding the workings of mind-over-body, you can use your imagination in that direction or any direction you choose.

Cells are the Body’s Building Blocks

To understand the mental nature of your body, you must first come to understand that everything in your body, including your blood, every organ, tissue, nerve, and bone, is a complex combination of a community of individual cells, which you refer to for instance as ‘my liver’, ‘my blood’ or ‘my heart’, and that work together to perform certain functions. Put simply, the building blocks of every part of your body are varieties of human cells, and every cell has a mind, hence the term cellular mind.

There is Nothing to Fear

In ignorance of the subjective nature of our body, human beings live in fear of disease. Moreover, in the presence of disease, this fear is compounded and overpowers the objective reasoning mind, leaving it at the mercy of your fears and unable to act intentionally. In contrast, it is the objective mind that should be directing the subjective mind of the body not the other way around.

It is somewhat surprising that people can fully believe they have the power to influence others and their environment and attract anything they desire to themselves, yet be plagued with doubt when it comes to directing change in the one thing that is closest to them mentally, which is their own body. Nevertheless, the truth is that you have the capacity to heal your body under the direction of your objective mind. There is nothing to fear. Think about it this way: when applying your mind power in the direction of healing any disease, whether you've been told its incurable or not, you have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain! And in my experience, that potential is certain.

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The Objective Director and The Subjective Healer

If you are ever faced with disease, from anything as simple as the common flu or a stress headache, to an illness that is medically vastly more serious, you can think of your central mind as the director of the healing and your subjective cellular mind as the healer. In other words, your directive objective mind directs the healing by way of instruction (what you imagine) and your creative subjective mind carries out the healing instructions it receives. Indeed, it is the innate intelligence within each of your cells that does the healing, while your central mind directs what is to be healed. Mental healing, therefore, is a case of ‘mind-over-body’ or else objective mind over subjective mind.

You Need Not Understand the How

You do not need to understand how your subconscious mind will carry out the healing in order for it to do so, as much as you don't need to understand how your heart works for it to pump blood around your body. And in fact, the less you think about how it's going to happen, the better. Likewise, you do not need to understand the biology of your body in order to direct it, nor do you need to understand the complexities of any disease to reverse it. It is more than enough to understand that the subconscious cellular mind of your body can be directed by your conscious mind, and if you believe what you imagine, the body will follow your instructions.

Understanding the Miraculous

Forget what you have been told is incurable and adhere to your new understanding of consciousness. Know that nothing is incurable, even more so when you know that the source of your power to heal your body is the Omnipotence of The Absolute. In fact, there is nothing miraculous about healing. It is only our ignorance that makes it appear miraculous.

Feedback From My Experience

From my experience I can say that healing is simple but not necessarily easy. It requires mental concentration and true belief that what you are imagining is happening in the moment you are imagining it, both of which are more difficult when faced with the inherent fear that comes with a 'difficult' disease. Bear in mind, however, that for the All-Powerful with which your True Self is one, there is no difference between what we, as physical beings, perceive to be easy or difficult.

Having said this, in all my experience in healing, even if I had lingering doubts or concerns such as 'what if it doesn't work', they did not stand in the way of the most miraculous results whether the healing was directed at myself or someone else. This has led me to conclude that the most important factor in conscious creation using creative visualization for any purpose is to imagine and feel it real at the time and then to just forget about it.


The Prerequisites for Mental Healing

The prequisites for mental healing are the same as those for the conscious creation of any desire. The first prerequisite for is an earnest desire to do so. In my experience to be earnest in your desire to heal is a very powerful force. Thereafter, to believe that what you are imagining is real and to have faith. Faith here is not so much to have faith in a Divine sense, but rather it is about releasing any doubt or fear from your mind. But even if doubt and fear is impressed on the subconscious mind, which may hinder healing, I have found that persistence pays off irrespective of doubt. The mental attitude for healing therefore, as is the case with anything you intend to see manifest, is earnest desire, positive expectation, and belief. The three together are the foundation of faith.

The Optimal Emotional State

The optimal emotion state with which to apply any manifesting technique is an inner state of confidence, strength, and courage, free from their relative extreme counterparts such as arrogance and recklessness. Whether you are healing yourself or someone else, endeavour to maintain this mental state and release any sense of fear. Think about it this way—if a disease is already present, you have nothing to lose by applying these techniques and potentially everything to gain, so there is nothing to fear and everything to hope for. And of course, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure so it is always a good idea to add statements of good health for yourself and others in your affirmations and auto-suggestions as you set out to create a life of excellence.


This article is in part an excerpt from: THE ADVENTURE OF I


In a nutshell, the mind-body connection tells us that the objective mind of self-aware consciousness has directive power over the cellular mind of the body, meaning that the subjective body will carry out the instructions given to it. When you imagine and believe what you are seeing is real then healing will follow, even if you have some lingering doubts. Remember, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by using your mind power in the direction of healing.
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