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This article is in part an excerpt from: THE ADVENTURE OF I

By Tania Kotsos


Sacred teachings and texts dating back thousands of years tell us of the existence of an Absolute Supreme Power that is the original cause of the Universe, and that unifies everything and everyone, everywhere and eternally. This Absolute Supreme Power goes by several names including The Absolute, The All, The Source, The One and God. Irrespective of the name used, humanity’s misguided concept of this Absolute Supreme Power has caused much confusion and discord, especially in the case of the name God. For the most part, this is because of an attempt to personify God in the image of man, rather than the other way around, that is man in the image of God.

The Nature of the Absolute

In his 1909 book The Arcane Teaching, written anonymously, William Walker Atkinson describes The Absolute using four major maxims summarised below, and refers to The Absolute as The All.

Maxim 1: “The All Is.” This maxim describes the absolute existence of The Absolute, as having always existed and never having come into being. This means that The Absolute was never created, unlike the created Universe. The Absolute has always existed, unconstrained by space and time and is thus infinite and eternal.

Maxim 2: “Beyond, higher, and older than The All, there is not.” This maxim tells us that The Absolute is all that is, all that ever was, and all that will ever be. Nothing exists outside of or beyond It, nothing existed before It, and It is superior to everything.

Maxim 3: “The All exists beyond time, space, and change, transcends the Laws, is unconditioned, immutable, self-existent, independent, and abstract.” This maxim tells us that The Absolute is All-Present (Omnipresent)—existing everywhere at the same time in Its entirety while being above the Universal Laws. It is limitless and unchanging unlike the ever-changing things of the Universe. The Absolute needs no cause to exist nor does It depend on anything for Its existence as nothing is outside of It to depend on. Being abstract, It is beyond representation by words or symbols.

Maxim 4: “The All is the efficient reason, supreme power, and causeless cause of all things.” This maxim tells us that The Absolute is the Original or First Cause of the Universe but is Itself causeless because it has always existed. ‘Efficient reason’ referts to Omniscience (All-Knowing Supreme Intelligence) and ‘supreme power’ to Omnipotence (All-Powerful).

The Absolute's Attributes

Bringing these maxims together, the attributes that most concisely describe The Absolute are:

  • Omnipresence (All-Present): to be present everywhere and in everything eternally at the same time and in Its entirety.
  • Omnipotence (All-Powerful): to have Absolute Power and be the Single Source of All Power. This includes creative power.
  • Omniscience (All-Knowing): to have Absolute Knowledge as the Single Source of All Knowledge, known and unknown to humanity, and unconstrained by space and time.

The True Meaning of Omnipresence

The importance of understanding the true meaning of Omnipresence (All-Present) against the backdrop of infinity and eternity cannot be over-stated when it comes to identifying the source of your own power. To do so, you must go beyond your conditioned experience of space where one part of The Absolute is present ‘here’ and another part is present ‘there’. You must also go beyond your conditioned experience of time where that part of The Absolute present today is different to what was present yesterday, or what will be present tomorrow. Omnipresence therefore means that The Absolute or God is changeless and is present in Its entirety in every single point in space and time.

'Spirit is thus Omnipresent in Its entirety'

The New Thought author, Judge Thomas Troward, had this to say in his 1909 book The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science in which he referred to The Absolute as the ‘Originating Life-Principle’ or ‘Spirit’. Endeavour to truly understand the following excerpt:

"The great fact to be recognised about unity is that, because it is a single unit, wherever it is, the whole of it must be. The moment we allow our mind to wander off to the idea of extension in space, and say that one part of the unit is here and another there, we have descended from the idea of unity [which is absolute], into that of parts or fractions of a single unit [which is relative]. It is, therefore, a mathematical necessity that, because the Originating Life-Principle is infinite, it is a single unit, and consequently, wherever it is at all, the whole of it must be present. Therefore it follows that the whole of Spirit must be present at every point in space, at the same moment. Spirit is thus Omnipresent in its entirety and it is accordingly logically correct that, at every moment of time, all Spirit is concentrated at any point in space that we may choose to fix our thought upon."

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You Are One with God

The Absolute, therefore, is present in Its entirety in every point in space and time, in every atom and sub-atomic particle, in everything tangible and intangible from the colossal in size to the minute, including you, and each and every one of your cells. This is the true meaning of Omnipresence that underpins the ancient teachings that 'you are one with God', that your Higher Self is your God Self.

An absolute identification with The Absolute or God is a life-time journey (or one of many lifetimes) and is unlikely to happen overnight, at least not permanently given your perceived experience of separateness to date and your relative 3D experience. Having said this, knowing that The Absolute Supreme Power is by mathematical definition present within you in Its entirety, is the greatest source of inspiration you can ever come to find, and to be inspired is to be In-Spirit. Indeed, the word ‘inspiration’ has its root in ‘to breathe in Spirit and to have Spirit breathe in you’.

Your True Power

Your power to create your reality through the power of your thoughts has its origin in The Absolute because your mind is a creative centre of The Absolute’s Mind that is Universal Mind. While your true potential power to create the life you desire is Absolute, your actual power is limited to and by your level of self-awareness. If you believe that Absolute Power is ‘out there’ or that only a part of it is within you, then you have descended from the idea of Absolute Power to relative power.

Knowing your true power is not about believing that you are now above or better than others because you have ‘figured it all out’ and they haven't. This is a sure sign that you are living exclusively in the 3D physical plane while believing you have transcended it. Knowing your True Self is neither about arrogantly believing or proclaiming that you are now God or thinking that you are invincible and that nothing can touch you or get in your way. This attitude is an extreme that is best avoided. In any case if you truly believed it, you would have no need to proclaim it. Silence, reverence and a deep unwavering love for all would be your state of mind.

Keep Your Eye on the I

When you know that your create power is Absolute Power, manifesting your reality and any desire you can imagine will truly be effortless. But even so, no matter your degree of recognition or identification with The Absolute, your very nature whether you are aware of it or now, allows you to create your reality through the power of your imagination. And as you do so consciously and intentionally, degree by degree you will find your consciousness ascending towards your God Self as long as you keep your eye on the I.

An Ode to The Absolute

Let everything you think, say and do be inspired by your recognition of your Oneness with the Absolute. Knowing your true nature is accompanied by inner peace and endless reverence for The Absolute. Be truly grateful to The Absolute for everything in your life and be in awe of the sheer infinite wonder of the Universe. In so doing you will find that there is no room for self-righteousness, conceit, or arrogance; only joy, love and gratitude. Let your very life be an ode to The Absolute.

This article is in part an excerpt from: THE ADVENTURE OF I


In a nutshell, The Absolute or God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. This means that The All-Powerful and All-Knowing Absolute is present in every point in space and time, including you, in Its entirety. Your nature is one in the same with The Absolute's nature because The Absolute is all that is, the only difference being your degree of recognition thereof. Your power to create your reality through the power of your mind has its source in Absolute Power. Be grateful for this power and each time you imagine the desire you want to see manifest in your life, be grateful to The Absolute for your power to do so, knowing that it is already done.
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