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The Adventure of I by Tania Kotsos



by Tania Kotsos | 2013

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The Adventure of I was awarded the First-Place Gold Medal for Best Non-Fiction Book in the Readers' Favorite 2014 Book Awards.

AN AMAZON REVIEW: "I have been a seeker for most of my life. I am a Freemason. My reason for existing is only to search for light. I've traveled the paths of religion, spirituality, philosophy, and the like. Every road I have taken, every belief system I have studied, all of the thinkers I have researched, every book I have read, and every truth I have pondered, has led me to the Gnosis; the knowledge in this wonderful book. How wonderfully amazing and glorious it is to be living at this point in history where the secrets of the universe are no longer hidden from the common folk and accessible only to the Elite. We all now have access to a knowledge that can not only transform our lives in unthinkable and marvellous ways, but revolutionize the Earth, and, dare I say, the Universe! This is not hyperbole. This book is like no other. I've read hundreds of books and found pieces of the puzzle, but this book is the whole picture. I would trade everything I've ever read for this one book. It is THE Life Manual. The only book you will ever need to read. If you only read one book in your life, make it this one, otherwise you will only be wasting time. I cannot describe it, nor can any words in a review give it justice. You will just have to read it yourself to understand how great it is. Wonderful. Life-changing. Great. Divine... (endless superlatives) Get this book. Read it. Apply it. Watch your life be changed forever in the most awesome and powerful way imaginable."—Mike Miller, 2014




The Adventure of I is one of the most complete, logical and practical books written about the power of the human mind, Universal Consciousness, the Laws and Principles of the Universe, and your ability to direct your mind and create the life you desire with the power of your will. This book will take you on a journey to the centre of your reality where you will discover the mighty I within, and in so doing, you will come to understand just what is meant by the greatest maxim of all time, ‘Know Thyself’. It is unlike other books on the subject in that it is founded on what is called Top-Down-Living, which is to live life from the higher vantage point of your Real Self.

Only by raising your degree of consciousness above the Physical Plane of your physical experience and the Mental Plane of your thoughts, desires and emotions, can you have directive power over them. Trying to change your physical experience at the degree of consciousness of the physical you is akin to manipulating an already printed photograph and expecting the changes to be reflected when you print it out again from the original negative. The Adventure of I teaches you how to change the ‘original’ so as to create lasting change in your life.

You will gain an unparalleled understanding of the underlying mental nature of the Universe and how your mind creates your reality through It. You will discover the masculine and feminine principles of your mind and how they work together for the same purpose that is creation. You will learn precisely why your mind must, by definition, be one and the same with the One Universal Mind of The Absolute in Its entirety, for which nothing is impossible.

You will learn about the seven Universal Laws and other Principles that govern everything and everyone in the Universe, and how to use the Higher Laws to master the Lower Laws and transcend the influence of polarity and rhythm in your life. You will learn practical techniques for consciously creating your experience of reality, one desire at a time, under the direction of your will and the knowing of your intuition. You will discover long-lost secrets about the nature of the Universe and your mind’s central place within Its Omnipotence, and much more.

Ultimately, The Adventure of I will empower you to utter the most profound statement, ‘I AM I’, with full authority, and in so doing, you will become the master of your destiny.



Mental Science | Chapters 1-7

1. Introduction to the Adventure of I
2. The Scale of Consciousness
3. Level 1: The Sub-Conscious Mind
4. Level 2: The Self-Conscious Mind
5. Level 3: The Super-Conscious Mind
6. The Body
7. The Personality and The Individual

The Absolute, Universal Mind and I | Chatpers 8-11

8. The Absolute
9. Universal Mind
10. The Absolute, Universal Mind and I
11. As a Man Wills, So He Becomes

The Universal Laws and Principles | Chapters 12-22

12. The Seven Universal Laws
13. Law 1: The Law of Mentalism
14. Law 2: The Law of Correspondence
15. Law 3: The Law of Vibration
16. Law 4: The Law of Polarity
17. Law 5: The Law of Rhythm
18. Law 6: The Law of Cause and Effect
19. Law 7: The Law of Gender
20. The Principle of Balance
21. The Law of Attraction
22. The Principle of Thought Power

Mastering the Mutable Laws | Chapters 23-29

23. Transmute and Transcend
24. Transmuting the Opposites
25. Transcending Rhythm
26. Reversing Causation
27. Mental Gender in Creation
28. Optimal Balance
29. Magnetic Thinking

Top Down Living | Chapters 30-36

30. A Reality of Two Worlds
31. Living from the I Within
32. The Power of Your Will
33. The Power of Your Intuition
34. The Power of Desire
35. The Power of Imagination
36. Taking Action, Dealing with Reaction

Practical Conscious Creation | Chapters 37-47

37. The Power of Meditation
38. Increasing Your Life Force
39. Mental Self-Protection
40. Visualisation
41. Auto-Suggestion
42. Mental Healing
43. The Power of Prayer
44. The Secret is Secrecy
45. The Master Formula for Life
46. Absolute Love
47. Freedom


The Adventure of I is a book that will take you on a journey to the centre of your reality. It has its foundation in the greatest maxim ever passed down to us, which is to ‘Know Thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the Universe’.

The Adventure of I marks the culmination to date of my own knowledge and understanding about the power of the human mind, consciousness, and the mysteries hidden in that vast part of the Universe that is invisible to our physical senses, but that is known to the I that is your Real Self. In the words of Robert Frost, “we all sit in a circle and suppose, while the secret sits in the centre and knows.” The secret at the very centre of your being is the I within.

I trust that The Adventure of I will afford you with the breadth and depth of knowledge to transform your life in ways that you may right now deem impossible. My intention in imparting this knowledge was to keep it simple and practical, while also affording you with a deep understanding that facilitates a fundamental shift in your mindset. With this end in mind, I adhered to Albert Einstein’s advice that “everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” It has, however, been no easy feat because the simplest story, as the saying goes, is also the hardest to tell.

I encourage you to read this book from cover to cover and not to skip to any one section without having first read what comes before, as it is written in a logical sequential order aimed at maximising your understanding. Bear in mind that any repetition is intended for your advantage because as the saying goes ‘repetition is the mother of learning’, and for the same reason, to gain the benefits inherent in this knowledge you must apply the exercises in this book persistently.

Finally, in writing this book, I am grateful to my family and friends who have encouraged me. A special thank you goes to my sister, Maria Kotsos, for her tireless editing, and also to Wendy Hart for the final edit. I am also grateful to the reader without whom I would have had little reason to write it, and to the mental giants who, through their writings and teachings, have allowed me to stand on their shoulders so that I too could see reality from a higher vantage point. Above all, I am eternally grateful to the One Source of All Power and All Knowledge.

Here’s to your adventure.
Tania Kotsos
Athens, Greece
July, 2013